Is there any requirements

I am wondering is there any requirements to keep my site going in the future.

like for instance do I have to log in every so often or can i just leave it be and not worry about it.

do I have to do anything at all, to keep it up and running

You only need to get 5 hits per month, and take action on any suspension emails that you get. The hits can be yourself reloading the page 5 times, it could be bots loading your site, or it could be your visitors.


if i do get an email how much time do you have to respond to it.

thanks for the good info

If you receive an email, you have anywhere from 30 to 60 days to take action before your account is deleted.

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When your account is deactivated, you’ll have 18-20 days usually until the account is deleted. But you’ll get multiple messages before and after suspension to let you know about this.

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