Is there any cleaner for website's storage?


Yester, I had only 8% percent in “Inodes Used”. But today, when I checked my cPanel, I saw that I now have 51% on “Inodes Used”. I was so confused and I thought it may come from the recently installed wiki, so I uninstalled it.
And now I was wondering if there is any cleaner that may clean useless files (cache, old files, etc.) from my website.

If there is, then please tell me. Thanks.

You could use an FTP client that does that. Also, I’m pretty sure cache is stored in your browser, not the servers. The “inodes used” is not real-time.

Installing a new application will increase your inode usage by a lot. However, 51% inode using is nothing to be worried about, unless you plan to install more scripts to your website. But if you want to use the wiki and your current inode is low, you should be able to do so without any problems.