Is there any chance to send mail in Prestashop?

Again, why are you using 143? It is blocked on InfinityFree.

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I did this screen before. I tested few ports

Port: 465 Or 587 will only work for you. If 587 connects, something’s wrong with your extra config (which I have zero knowledge about, a full picture of the screen is a good start)!

Can you try using a gmail account to send the emails?

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That’s good news, because it means the SMTP connection itself is working. So port 587 is definitely the one to use.

However, it seems like your SMTP provider doesn’t like the SMTP test connection being set up.

Does the page support saving this configuration (with port 587)? If so, maybe you can just save this configuration and try to send an email. If you’re lucky, it just works.

And if it doesn’t, you may want to try another SMTP provider.


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