Is there a way to get the server IP address before setting up the account

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… Please point your nameservers to ns1.epizy …

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I registered my domain through cloudflare without knowing they they dont allow me to change nameservers.

I cannot transfer my domain for 60 days to another provider. ICANN rules.

Yet I need to point my nameservers to the ns1.epizy nameservers to get the account setup.

I use cloudflare for my other sites. But those sites were registered with a different registrar (which I now regretfully should have stuck with to be honest). Having them registered with a different register allowed me to manage my nameservers as specified and get the accounts setup. Then to redirect them back through cloudflare.

Bascally all I need is the IP address of the server which is going to host my account. Then I can go into cloudflare and setup the A records and everything will work. Is there any way to obtain this before setting up the account as I cannot change the nameservers due to cloudflare T&C’s.

I am in the process of communicating with cloudflare regarding this, but I know the response they will have.


Unfortunately, you can’t host your domain here if it is registered with Cloudflare. In order for our system to verify your domain and add it to an account, it needs the nameservers set to epizy nameservers. There is no way to bypass the system.

After the 60 day restriction is up, move your domain to a different registrar, such as NameSilo or NameCheap, then point the nameservers accordingly.


Thank you for your help. I did have difficulty setting up my sites at the start when using cloudflare and had a different registry, so I was able to resolve it by not using cloudflare. Once things got setup on your hosting, I was then able to successfully use cloudflare after a bit of dancing around.

But of course this is not your problem. This is an issue with cloudflare and their inability to allow people to manage their name servers. Which one would expect is a reasonable requirement for a register.

Thank you for the fast reply. Even though it is not what I wanted to hear, it is what I expected.

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