Is there a solution for blocking IDM?

Hey chiucs123,

IDM is a client-side application designed to download videos, images, etc from a website. It’s interfering with the content on the website using IDM extension. I am certain that the user @7Elohim must’ve mistaken about the issue. And it’s 100% clear that IDM can’t write anything to the server (HTML content). Here’s a link from their website: [How to Use Internet Download Manager: Starting Downloads with IDM]. (How to use Internet Download Manager: Starting Downloads with IDM)

Hi Herbert,

If you have been teading throughly, I have been asking if the IDM I suggested is what he was referring to. I wasn’t sure if he is saying the exact meaning to his words. I don’t prefer to judge by asserting someone must have been mistaken something wrong in the first place, but rather ask for confirmation.


If you have been reading thoroughly, then you can see there is only one IDM I was referring to. Which is the one you’ve been talking about!

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Hi Herbert,

While the orignal post has raised 3 points, the reply that I posted as on a per point basis. Also, when the original post said something about writing ids to their site, I would not assume there aren’t any other factors involved, especially when dealing with support cases. The rule of thumb is not to question the user when they have pointed out something abnormal as they must been encountering something at least once. Uninformed assumptions do not seem like a benefitting choice to me.

Also, I really do not appreciate that you have decided to selectively quote my initial guess on IDM after your reply that happened at a later time.

Meanwhile the original post at reply 14 has explicitly replied my statement by clarifying he meant something totally different from literal meaning. That’s when I can tell if he would like to focus on preventing people from downloading his stuff rather than having something else on his page server side. So I do not see the point in quoting my reply before post 14.

In the world of tech support, it might not happen to everyone that they have the same knowledge as we do, and asking for clarification is a way to avoid misunderstanding as well as helping them along the way.

Whether you decide to reference one thing by assuming others doing the same is up to you, but that’s not my way of handling troubleshooting case.


@anon95807532 I am not trying to be rude. It seems you are a specialist in this role. So I’ll leave this to you!

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Everybody stop challenge.


Alright. Let’s stop this.

If the OP has any further questions, they can be answered. Otherwise, further responses will be flagged and removed.


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