Is the HTML Canvas element supported?

Not loading

Just testing a simple app. As you can see, the game does not load. Also, css should have centered everything. I have all files under htdocs. They are structured the same as they are locally before I uploaded them.

your site works fine for me. Maybe try checking your browser documentation, because html is completely client-side.


As previously stated, all HTML, CSS and JavaScript is on the client side. If it is not centered and does not appear, this is either 2 things.

1: Your code is wrong (which it isn’t. It works perfectly fine for me)


2: Your code is not sent to the client, either correctly or at all. This is likely as it happens very often here. It is most likely a browser caching issue. On PC, you can clear your cache by holding ctrl and pressing f5.

Infinityfree nor Ifastnet nor literally any web hosting out there can “block” the canvas element. It is rendered on the client and therefore is not controlled by the server. They could (in theory) scan your files for the canvas element present in your HTML and remove or block them, but this is unfeasible and it doesn’t make any sense as to why they would do that (and not to mention would be a very ugly method as it is likely going to be very easily bypassable).

What would be more feasible is if you were making a multiplayer game. Then, you might run into some issues.


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