Is renaming a site possible?

is it possible to rename a site on infinity free ?

for example

if i have a website called
can I rename it to ?


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Create a new subdomain, then move the existing files to the new domain folder, updating paths in your code? does this work :rofl:?


i have domain name linked with cloudflare with ddos protection and antibot enabled to the site but the thing is i have some idiot that I had to keep banning from my game servers and now I fear that he might attempt to mess with my site hosting so I would like to completely change the name so that he cant guess it easily and if he started an attack on IF’s hosting name it’ll be a problem as the protection wouldnt be active on that

i think adding a subdomain wouldnt help as the main domain name would still be accessible


should I just delete the hosting account and create a new one ?

If you want to (almost) completely anonymize the new url and separate it from the old hosting account, then yes.
If you don’t really care, then no.

However, I think whatever you choose to do will be adequate :slight_smile:



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