Is it possible to use subdomain elsewhere?

Hello I was wondering is it possible to use the sub domain
or sub-sub domain and host the site elsewhere?
or is it possible to host a flask site here?

You can use subdomains of free hosting platform only inside free hosting platform (and exceptionally if you migrate to Premium Hosting also there) and nowhere else, so you can’t host your websites elsewhere while staying with our free subdomains.

Nope, Python webapps are not supported on free hosting as well, so you can’t host Flask websites here. If you want to host them, please consider using some alternatives like Replit, or upgrade to Premium Hosting as it also supports hosting Python webapps, over to having more features.

Also, you’re just better off by getting a custom domain (or subdomain) from or FreeDNS, though for the last option you’ll have to send a request for them to enable NS records for the subdomain so you can also point it to custom nameservers, as with those you’ll have more freedom to where to point the domain to and which type of website you’re going to host.


THank you for the help


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