Is it free to use a custom owned domain with a new account on inifnity free?

I just have a simple question:
I have a website hosted elsewhere and would like to migrate infinity free hosting. I have a custom domain, and would like to know if I have to pay anything to use a custom domain with a new free account on infinity free?

You don’t have to pay anything for adding your own domain,what you need to do is just setthe nameservers to and


I see, thank you.

May I ask another question, can I make the account first and complete the migration then change the subdomain to a custom domain?
If yes, is there a tutorial or is it simple enough to do?

Yes, what you’ll need to do is park your domain to your subdomain through parked domains in cPanel.


Thanks. I was checking it. Does this work exactly like a normal domain would work? I mean, it’s not a redirect, but just that the website can be accessed through two domains, correct?
Also, is there a way to remove the subdomain after parking a new domain?

Just don’t share the subdomain?

Well, if there are no other options, it’d be fine. Thank you.

or instead of parking you can migrate to subdomain and then add domain and migrate to it (change domain from database to your custom domain).

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Thanks for your response. May you elaborate a bit more, you mean on the Addon domains in c-panel? They said there that you can upload your content under a folder specific to any domain you add.

In your control panel you will see option of addon domain from where you can add your domain and it’s folder can be accessed from ftp or file manager,

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