Is FreeNom good for domains?

Just wondering because last time I purchased a free domain on there right away it opened the site, and the site was a y’know what site.

FreeNom Is great for people begining or people with a lower balance, although there may be some bumps, vis-a-vis lower google ranking, However sometimes I have noticed it takes a while to propogate, and some people forget to remove their site from hosting, and it’s still on.

But overall it is quite good.

Also If you are talking about what i think you are, then that is an issue for the Freenom abuse team ([email protected])


Thank you!

Also, If you [or anyone else reading] Ever wants a paid domain, personally I reccomend PorkBun, It is actually worrying-ly simple, and I have found it hassle free!. (


I personally recommend GoDaddy, because I might’ve bought more than 9 domains and GoDaddy was able to get my website linked to InifnityFree in a couple minutes!

PorkBun is also pretty good!

Ye, But i would deffinately not recommend FASTHOSTS, so annoying and hard just to set up :slight_smile:

I’m using Freenom for my lifetime domain. But of course you must follow their rules so your domain won’t be suspended.

I also ever registered on Porkbun for free *.design domain (first year only).
& other domain providers that offer free/cheap domains such as 1&1 (you can get only $0.5 - $1 USD/domain for first year only in here).
After expired,I didn’t renewed them again. :joy:

Wait what? For FREE?



I can say that for free service they are good !
They notify you regularly 15 days in advance before your domain expires so you can renew it
again for the next year and so on, but it is best not to trust their email notification
instead write it down yourself somewhere and extend the domain in time.

Their servers are choking probably due to lack of money to invest in new equipment, so it can happen frome time to time an error 5xx

Sending a request for support via an online ticket is an almost impossible mission

Most people who complain about Freenom are actually abused their service

like registering dozens of domains
domains that lead nowhere
domains that have a name like like will of course be shut down

There is actually a trick - to choosing a name that no one else will want
and that there is no known word of the English language

so don’t call the domain like freeDateAndLove. whatever


I have checked the but I couldn’t register it for free :rofl:

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Use this coupon:
& you must verify your credit card (same promotion method with AWS).
They will charge you $1,but give it back to you.
Don’t forget to turn off Auto Renewal.

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Can I use/add a credit card using a bins or live cc?

I don’t know. Just try it. :sweat_smile:

I used Virtual Credit Card,same card to verify my PayPal account.
I bought it on my local marketplace. Already has about $5 balance on it.

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Don’t say too much :sweat_smile:

And ye I got a domain worth USD1,700 for GBP2 with PorkBun

(Also my special keys are messed up so I can’t use dollar or anything)

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