Is already assigned and in use.4

I have already changed my name server and its been more than 6 hour but still showing same when i try to add addon domain
Please help


site url?


Like the error message says: the domain is already assigned and in use. That does NOT indicate any issue with your DNS settings. Like the message says: it means the domain name is already in use.

If you’ve already assigned the domain name to an account, either with InfinityFree or with another provider using the same platform, you will have to remove the domain from there first before you can use it here.

If you don’t know where the domain name is being used right now, can you please share the domain name you’re unable to add?


Your domain is in use on MyOwnFreeHost. Please remove your domain from there before trying to add it on InfinityFree.


See i have already updated my nameserver on my domain nameserver
i don’t know it appearing it when i try to login or reset my account at bytehost its saying not registered account
Please help me

Like @Ergastolator1 said: your domain is in use as a MyOwnFreeHost reseller account. While it and ByetHost are all iFastNet’s own brands, they are different things.

You can contact iFastNet at and ask them for help.


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