Invalid SSL Ceritificate

The Invalid SSL certificate error from Cloudflare means that Cloudflare doesn’t like the SSL certificate that’s installed on the origin server (typically your hosting account).

There are a few different ways to setup Cloudflare along with our hosting:

  • With Cloudflare set to Flexible SSL mode, and no SSL certificate installed on our hosting.
  • With Cloudflare set to Full SSL mode, and any SSL certificate installed on our hosting (we usually recommend a self-signed certificate for this, as it’s easiest).
  • With Cloudflare set to “Full (strict) SSL” mode, and an SSL certificate installed that’s issued by a trusted SSL provider.

Please note that both with Full (strict) and regular Full mode, the SSL certificate on your hosting account cannot be expired. So if you want to use “Full (strict)” mode, it means you’ll need to regularly renew the SSL certificate installed on our hosting account. If you don’t want that, you can install a self-signed certificate instead (which are valid for a very long time) and use “Full” SSL mode.


Alright it worked but im wondering why did it just do this right now if ive been using full strict for 3 months now

Well, I did take a quick peek at what you actually had installed on your account. And that’s why I included this part:

It worked fine for three months, because the Let’s Encrypt certificate you had installed was valid for three months. When the certificate expired, Cloudflare noticed the SSL certificate was no longer valid, which caused this issue.

If you want to keep using this setup (with Full Strict SSL and Let’s Encrypt), please make sure to renew the Let’s Encrypt certificate every 2-3 months so you always have a valid SSL certificate installed. We also send you reminder emails if your certificates are due to expire.


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