Internal server error

the site url is

internal server error

ive also tried to log m wordpress admin but im unable to do so.

i cant log wp-admin also… i get 404 internal server error. my website error is 500 internal server error.

404 means your website files are not found, is something missing in your htdocs folder?


i dont even understand. i was trying to upload a html file for the website. so i added the file on the wp dashboard. then everything crashed

I think i uploaded it in the wrong place.

I checked your website, and I see that your WordPress site is redirecting all traffic to the URL And since that folder does not exist, you’re redirected to a 404 error afterward.

Judging by how the wp-admin path redirects, I think that this is caused by setting the Google HTML verification as the website URL. If so, you can fix it by doing this:

And if you want to verify your website for Google, you can upload the HTML file with the file manager, not with WordPress.


Thanks. I’ve rectified the problem with the link you shared…

Please kindly share the Link on how to verify with file manager… thanks

You can just upload the file in the htdocs folder by using file manager. A guide is not necessary.

done but
it did not work.

Just download the HTML file from Google and upload it to the htdocs folder of your site in the file manager.


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