Internal server error 500 when using .htaccess file for auth

Thank you for sharing the domain name.

Seeing the domain, the issue with SSL is very obvious. Or rather the lack of issues, because your SSL certificate is working exactly as it’s supposed to. But if you choose the SSL vendor “Self Signed (not trusted)”, you get a certificate that’s self signed, and not trusted.

If you want a certificate that does give you a green lock, you’ll want a certificate that’s trusted, which a Self Signed certificate is not.

Please request a new SSL certificate any choose any provider EXCEPT for the “Self Signed” one.


Hi, I see at least this problem and it took me a few hours searching the web too:

You are having:
AuthUserFile .htpasswd

It should be something like this:
AuthUserFile /home/vol12_1/

The home directory part is unique to every user:
you can find it at your control panel somewhere.

The rest, just look at your FileZilla folder:


I don’t think you should’ve spent hours

I solved it just using Cpanel anyway
died for nothing :sob::sob:

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