intermittently No website

Is there a problem with my web space, as intermittently I cannot access my website?

Maybe, it’s hard to say without knowing which website you’re referring to.

Sorry about that, I thought it was Infinity Free was all connected. Anyway once again has been intermittently not allowing access to website. thank you in advance for looking into this

  • I have checked with godaddy DNS manager, all nameservers are pointing to the ones in the image.

  • If it is not the Nameservers at go-daddy, tlease can you update me in what is the issue with the hosting please. very much appreciated.

Just to update you, I have cancelled my free account and closed down the hosting. not to sound rather tedious but I was expecting a bit more support than non existent replies and issue updates.

Just a quick review on going by your front page, -

  • Fastest Free Hosting, when working the hosting was fast and loading times where awesome. :+1:

  • 99.9% Up-time - in just under a week and it has been 95% down. (this is the factor why I chose not to continue using the service offered) Having people come to my web site from all professions would of been a great selling point to point them in InfinityFree direction, but i am afraid that it will not happen, as UP-Time is more important than space in my honest opinion.

  • Unlimited Hosting - can’t fault the back end and space. :+1:

  • Completely Free - absolutely, no money was asked. (but this should not be an excuse for lack of service). :+1:

  • No Forced Ads - no Ads where seen during the week I signed up and tried to use the hosting. :+1:

  • Host Any Domain - took my domain - :+1:

  • Automatic Installer - didn’t use but was happy the choice was there. :+1:

  • Website Builder - didn’t use but was nice to know I could quick fix if I wanted to. :+1:

Anyway thank you and I hope you sort out you down-time glitches and issues.