Intermediate certificate chain

Can anyone tell my why free hosting accounts cannot upload the certificate intermediate chain so that SSL testing sites give you a higher benchmark rating for a valid CAA trusted authority chain back to the root certificate? I know for most cases, its not needed, but it would be nice to have.

Is this something that infinity have just decided to make a premium feature, or is there a technical reason?

Intermediates are not supported on Free Hosting. If you want an intermediate, you should consider upgrading to Premium.

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It’s just not supported. Admin may know the reason why, but it probably has to do with the fact that iFastNet does not want to support it.

I don’t, really… I was just wondering is all - there’s no technical reason that I could think of. Although if infinity’s host doesn’t allow it, then I can understand how that gets passed down the layers to us poor souls at the bottom :smiley:

If you want more of an intermediate-type certificate, you should consider CloudFlare. If you do, I suggest Full SSL.

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