Installed wordpress but doesnt show up

epiz_27101998 (e.g. epiz_XXX) or

Error Message

i installed wordpress after connecting my domain to hosting and it shows (Index of /), it doesnt show the wordpress stuff and i cant login to admin wordpress, link error. however one time it showed up Wordpress theme and it let me login to my admin page in wordpress and in couple hours it went back to default site. I have been having this issue since yesterday, do i give it 72 hours to take fully effect or what? please check the screenshot below what it shows in my site.

Hello there,

Your site is working fine here on my end:

Please try clearing your browser cache and that should fix the issue or you can also use Incognito Mode to evade your normal browser cache.

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hello, i cleaned the cookies and tried to open the website again but it still shows the Index of / page, also tried to login to my admin wordpress it says temporary unavailable

i figured out that this happens only with my IP address, is there any way to fix it? i connected to vpn and it worked fine.

Try flushing your DNS cache then.

If you’re using Windows, execute this command in the Windows Terminal:

ipconfig /flushdns
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still same issue.

I can only suggest you will have to wait. Your Wordpress admin login page is also working here on my end just to let you know.

You could also try the following to confirm that it’s an issue with your DNS or network:

  • Use another browser
  • Use a different device (Desktop or Mobile)
  • Try restarting your PC

i tried everything used browser and phone, restarting, but it doesnt work, only works with different ip with vpn i tried it works. i guess i will have to wait 2 more days.

With your name of your Forum account and your domain name, What content are you gonna serve in your WP Site??

and if you test in google browser?

modded apks

its fixed now…

Well cracked file hosting or mod Apk hosting is not allowed in this free hosting.
Consider removing them(or you will get suspended) or try another Free Host.

I appreciate that you admitted!


No hosting allows that.


then its cool to just share methods for example Free youtube views and stuff like that right?

then how come other sites post modded apps without getting their website suspended?

They’re pirated. They’re owning their own servers for that, whatever happens to them only happens to them. If you host these kind of stuff on our hosting, people against pirated and modded stuff will make us to lose our popularity. Simple.

i only post modded apks cuz they are popular and lot of people searchs them for android at least.i dont get why u say it will lose popularity.

We do not Allow Modded applications, it is already in ToS, if you’re having agenda Admin will answer u the ‘reason’.


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