Install SSL ,need hosting info

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I want to apply SSL so need the hosting software and system of my website, where can I get that info?

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Use free ssl tool below.



I don’t know what is the point when you’re via Cloudflare and you have valid SSL

But you have mixed content because some URLs in WordPress stayed on HTTP
and you need to correct that

SSL test result is here SSL Security Test | ImmuniWeb


thanks again. after apply , then add to CName Record, do I need to delete the old CName record? Does the free one need to renew every 9 months, and do I get notification to renew?

have no idea what cloudflare used for… but thanks for the help. If I reinstall wordpress, will it solve the problem you mentioned?

Pls delete to remove the clutter

It’s every 3 mths

You do if you had the notification turned on

But the instruction said if I use Let’s crypt , then no need to delete the old CName record???

It said the expire date is 2021-08-06???

Btw where to turn on the notification?

and so I do not need to setup anything on the control page’s SSL/TSL page?

I refer to the old CNAME record on the VPanel. Keep existing CNAME used for the SSL cert.

This cert is from CloudFlare

Where ur SSL cert is…

What do you mean?

Thanks for the help. I am totally have no idea how to do that. so maybe I should wait for the certificate info show up on the SSL Certificates for, then turn on the notification? how long does it take . I already see Destination ready.

If ready, you can click request for SSL cert…

Now I get the SSL certificate, what to do next? Thanks again

You can install SSL now. Read below…


thank you so much. looks like all set, but if I didn’t use https, just it still shows no padlock. so the CNAME record is supposed to only have to record?

only those two records?

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