Inodes max'ed but unable to delete anything under file manager

Inodes max’ed but unable to delete anything under file manager. Nothing showing up.
Website is with several subdomains.
In file manager not seeing files. Not seeing files in Filezilla either

Can you please fill out the template with more informations?


Please note that the inode counter is only sampled once every so often. It’s not a live counter of the number of files and directories right now. If you already cleaned up your account, please wait for a while for the inode counter to be updated.

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That is part of the issue. I can not remove any platforms via softaculous or even see files to remove from the file manager or ftp software. So not sure how the counters will clear. This account has only been opened for 3 days and we are using it as a testbed for platforms. All I currnently installed was 2 instances of Drupal and one joomla.

Softaculous is known to break down if it can’t create any files, but file managers and FTP should not be affected by this.

I checked your account and see many files in there, and an inode counter sitting at 82%. What do you see on your end right now?

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