Inode problem when installing Magento 2

I am trying to install magento 2 in the following url:
My goal is to test and prepare the shop and then move to the premium hosting when the website will be ready.
However I can not install magento 2 both manually and using softaculous due to the fact the number of files are higher then 30K

In addition I also removed some files but the admin panel still report the same inode usage.

Have you haver encounter a similar problem? How would you recommend me to proceed?

Magento is a very big retail and ecommerce suite which requires some big and specialized hosting to run properly and would never run properly on any free hosting. If you just want an online shop, there are plenty of systems which are much more suitable for that purpose (there are plenty of options available in Softaculous).

If you’ve already removed the Magento files from your account, the inode usage should update soon. Note that the inode usage is not updated instantly, so the inode usage will not go down immediately even after clearing all the files from your account. However, it will update after a few hours and reflect the current inode usage.

Ty Admin,
I totally agree with you. As I said i would not like to run a magento based ecommerce on a free hosting but i would just use it for the development that i am currently doing. Then, once ready for the production, I would move to xvhost for running it.