iNode Bug

I was trying to work on my website;
But I got a iNode error, I deleted my files inside my htdocs and my databases, But still have the error. What’s causing this and how can I fix it?

^ iNode Usage: 100 % (43947 of 30019)

Hello there,

You might have to wait for the servers to update this.
How many files did you delete? Did you delete them all?

Everything apart from the htdocs and domain folder.

I couldn’t delete the cpanel one, so that as well.

and .htaccess.

Wait. You deleted the files in the root folder??
I don’t know whether if this will affect your site but besides the root folder doesn’t really have that much files in it and even if you delete all of the files in there then it will not affect the Inodes that much.

You’ll have to delete files in your /htdocs folder, anything that you can think of that is unnecessary.
For further information on how you can reduce your inode usage please check this Knowledge Base article:

Not only them, my Htdoc folders are empty. (Main domain and sub domain)

While I’m not sure then you might have to wait until the servers will update this information.

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Alright. Thanks.

Woo! It was the case! Now at 5 nodes out of the maximum amount. Thanks!

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