Mecanismo innoDB não disponivel no PHP my admin. Preciso dele para que meu sistema de BD funcione. Todos que utilizam até o sistema mais básico de banco de dados precisam do innoDB para trabalhar.

InnoDB engine not available in PHP my admin. I need it for my BD system to work. Everyone who uses even the most basic database system needs innoDB to work.

There are ways around using InnoDB, if your asking if it can be added, I can’t speak on behalf of the Admin, but the answer will most likely be no

It really depends on your needs, regardless of being Advanced work or most Basic.
The main point: InnoDB is row-level locking, MyISAM is table-level locking. This means, generally speaking, MyISAM will be better for OLAP (analytics, mostly reads) and InnoDB will be better for OLTP (transactions, mostly writes, or at least many writes).

Welcome to the form. Please speak in English

In my case, I need to perform line-level controls.

Then I will have to go to 000webhost

Ok, cool


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