Infinityfree support ssl for free certificate?

Hello Team

Infinityfree support ssl for free certificate?


Use CPanel here to generate a certificate signing request. Go to
Enter the information they require (Not that you don’t need all the company stuff if you are private) carry out email confirmation and wait for your cert to arrive as a zipped email attachment. (about 5min)
Open the .crt file in a text editor, and copy-and-paste the contents into the CPanel form. Press upload.
That’s you for 90 days with a real Comodo cert instead of a mickey mouse one. :wink:
(or pay for a year’s cert life for less hassle, your call)
Keep a copy of your private key and cert, plus your Comodo login for renewals.

Important Note: DO NOT use .htaccess SSL redirection AND CloudFlare at the same time. This will cause an endless loop and may get your account locked out. I find that CloudFlare causes latency problems with online editing anyway.

Working example: