ssl free or not?

hy everyone!
above my website URL is mentioned.
I have created free subdomain from
now I want to install SSL certificate to my sub domain as well but there is an error accrue when I acceded.
is there will be any solution for this.
thanks in advance!

Welcome @Iftkhar :slightly_smiling_face: I installed free SSL with no problems, it needs to be renewed every 3 months but that’s not a big deal when you’re getting SSL for free :grinning:

See the knowledge base, then here for installing your free SSL certificate,

Follow the directions exactly and your site will be SSL :slightly_smiling_face: In the past I used a plugin called Really Simple SSL to direct everything on the site to https. Beware, there have been problems reported here and there with that plugin affecting other plugins and causing site errors. Try it and see if it works for you and your site, it makes it easy to have everything directed to https automatically.


But there isn’t free SSL for subdomains, because let’s encrypt sets limit on how many subdomain can have per certain time. e.g (Every week).
InfinityFree has mentioned this limitations of free subdomain.


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