Infinityfree-its funny how you get suspended on unlimited hosting for reaching limits

hi am SEO specialist was planning to use your free services till i reach enough daily traffic to upgrade, my site is still new (about a 2 months), this is the second time i get suspended for reaching CPU limits (agin for 24 hours ) , while i reached only 1400 vistors today , Forgive my rudeness please, because i am disappointed.

-if it was my mistake plz tell me where

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BTW unlimited hosting means the space and Bandwidth we give…

We don’t give you unlimited cpu,ram,etc


Also, 1400 users is a big number, not meant for free hosting!


thanks for answer, can you please tell me how much is CPU limit , so i see if i can control the traffic

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I am sorry we(even I don’t know it) can’t disclose it.


well it’s like asking a blind to avoid a hole, can you please tell how much CPU i get if i upgraded to premium ?

The cpu limit will be increased(value will not be told.)

If they leak it,you will optimise your script to use the maximum amount of cpu

Very true. Which means you shouldn’t sprint down a road where construction is happening, because you will step into a hole and hurt yourself.

Instead, you need to either be slow and careful so you can find the holes before stepping into them or avoid the places where there are likely to be holes altogether.

The CPU limits are much higher. But they are also calculated and enforced in a different way, so it’s not really possible to compare them side by side.

But I can guarantee with 1000% certainty that you will get much more CPU power if you upgrade.


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