Infinityfree Cassino Page don't charger correctly "sometimes", count on luck to load

Hy my name is Matthew and my page sometimes decides not to load properly needing to reload to count on luck again, sometimes it’s ok but sometimes not, something related to the anti bot system that adds /?i=1, I think it is not related to the internal traffic of the platform because even at dawn it happens.
I don’t want the user to have luck to have my page loaded correctly every time.
Frontend communications with backend via $ _post jquery causes a sudden blackout, the screen flashes and the request is not requested. I already deleted the php backend file because I was redirecting to the back.php even specifying in htaccess that only html files should be used as the index, I removed the php file and the redirects will stop but I have no backend, in another hosting my site works perfectly but in infinityfree i have to count on the luck of the user to be able to load the page correctly on the first attempt. it’s not a programming problem because sometimes it decides to work and sometimes it just doesn’t load javascript and css files, if someone knows how to reset php via htaccess to remove this antibot plugin that adds “/? i = 1” to the pages it would help very much, I’m thinking of putting the javascript and the css inside the main index file to force load but even so it would continue without the backend and a very large html file, I know it’s free and I can’t demand much but having to rely on luck is bad for business, already managed to circumvent the file protection of the folder where you have htdocs and a file saying do not upload here and I changed the main htaccess, there must also be a way to turn off this antibot plugin. follow the page and view with your own eyes Infinityfree Casino in action I wish you luck, at least attempts are free if you don’t pay for data packets, press f5 and try again, and try again

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There is no way to remove the security system.

Instead if you use Cloudflare it will be removed


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Are you sure this can be prevented by using cloudflare?

Uh! the prefix alone.


Please explain all of us how to do that.

I’m using cloudflare. Still it doesn’t remove.
I said after using it how can you do that

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Afaik it removes i prefix after you use cloudflare. It even disables the security system for that domain.
It’s my own experience, if you’re looking for proof.

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The ?i=1 suffix only causes a page refresh when you open the website for the first time. After that, a cookie is stored in your browser which signifies that you passed the security challenge. At this point, the full website should load without any further refreshes (either manually or automatic).

I don’t know why some files not load for you on the first try, but I can tell you that this is not normal behavior of the security challenge.

I have absolutely no idea what you mean by this. Or even if I snipped the right part of the message (can I ask you to split the message into paragraphs to separate the segments of the question/issue)?


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Yeah guys The InfinityFree Casino :slot_machine: has been closed​:boom:, when you use ‘FilesMatch Header set Cache-Control "max-age=0’ on htaccess the cookie of antibot dont works, I’m disable cache to view instantly changes in especially css and html without needing to clean browser data in Google chrome, on the Mozilla in another versions just give a continuous touch on the refresh button to clear browser data, all in the Android and i don’t use localhost, year crazy :sunglasses:, i believe that antibot work to save server energy, comprehensible on a platform free, at least now we all know that detail, but I’m also trying to replace the retainer valve with the car moving k, even with data browser turned on sometimes css and js don’t load but luck is no longer in the hands of the house, it’s sorted out

location.reload(true don’t ensures that css and js reload with no browser data, i will create script to compare lest modified timestamp of file with database to automatically reload file when i solve $_post bug

It’s common problem for free shared hosting.
Maybe you are sharing the server with users that abuse the server.

For example, User A & you are in same server.
But User A is using RAM/CPU of server about 90%.
At the same time, you/your visitors visit your site. Of course your site will be hard to load because of that abuse by User A (or other users in that server).

Maybe you turn off Cloudflare proxy.
Just visit my site (from my profile) for live demo. I’m using InfinityFree + Cloudflare.