InfinityFree Advertises PHP 7, but Only Version 5.4.40 was Found

I received the following error message when installing from the auto installation program.

  • Required PHP version greater than equal to 5.6.0 AND found version is : 5.4.40

How do I get PHP 7.0 for my InfinityFree accounts?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum

default is 7 , but you can always do it manually

client area> pick your acc> control panel > Select PHP Version

Shows set to 7.0, but still get the same error.

I found one program that allows a lower 5.x PHP version and it installed without error.

I need 7.0 installed so I can install any of several other programs that require a higher version of PHP.

Thank you.

Could you try to create a PHP Info file and see which version does it say is being used on your account? If you selected PHP 7.0 and your software says it’s not PHP 7.0, I’m curious to know what version you are running on.

Running 5.x

No program is available to easily provide a PHP info file. So none provided.

Please make 7.x available.

Thank you.

To view the PHP config of your account, simply create a PHP file on your account with the following contents:

<?php phpinfo();

Then open the PHP file in your browser to see the PHP information.

Not possible.

Why isn’t that possible? Just create a file in your website with the line @Oxy gave you and open it in a browser.

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