InfinityFree 500 Error

Im getting 500 error when i request free SSL on infinityfree

Can you give some issues to reproduce this issue?

  • What domain?
  • What page URL?
  • Using what SSL provider?
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When I try a free SSL request at infinityfree when I press the submit button it will display an error code of 500


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Hmm, i don’t see any 500 in your screenshot, can you send screenshots of where you’re seeing 500 error exactly?


when I post screenshots everything is normal I don’t get error 500 again, but I get a new error in cpanel

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What do you do to get the error?

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I still don’t know what you’re doing and where you see that error. You say that you get an InfinityFree 500 error while “getting SSL”? But you’ve only shown a screenshot from the control panel. And the control panel is not InfinitiyFree, the page does not show a 500 error and the control panel doesn’t provide a way to “get” SSL certificates (only install them).

So, can you please describe specifically when and where you see what error?

So from the client area main page, list which buttons you press, which forms you fill in and any other actions you take. Also be specific about things like usernames and domain names, because the issue may not every every account and domain name.


That explains why I couldn’t find the issue: that’s a certificate on a different client area profile.

But the page is working fine from here. So again: what exactly did you do that caused this 500 error?

EDIT: Just did a bit more digging. This is an error in the client area that happens shortly after creating a new certificate with GoGetSSL. It fixes itself after 10 minutes.

A proper fix is now being made.


I only requested an SSL certificate but suddenly I got an error message 500, I didn’t do anything

Creating a new SSL certificate is the thing that triggered the 500 error due to a bug in the client area.

It’s fixed now though.


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