Infinity Free has became shitty site

i have raised a ticket for unfair account suspension, and what i receive? direct closing of the ticket with no reason then okay. i asked at least to give me data for the website that i hosted and worked on for many years, what i get? again ticket was closed for no damn reason.
The person who is in charge just don’t wanna even read the things i have wrote, instead just straight up closed up the tickets i raised. If you guys cant resolve a thing they why even put a ticket-raising feature?
just remove that damn thing. i have recommended this site to many guess that was my mistake!

The ticket is not answered by infinityfree but by ifastnet.
Please, if you want, be patient, the admin will investigate (approx. 1-2 days) and answer you.


thank you so much for clearing the doubt that i had about it!


I checked your communication and it seems like your site got suspended due to a false positive.

This can happen of course and isn’t entirely possible to prevent. But what should not have happened is that you needed to create three tickets to get this resolved because two were closed without comment.

I’m sorry about the bad experience you’ve had here. I’ll see what we can do to improve this.


thank you for the reply, but my issue has been resolved by staff members and they were really great help. i am trying to resolve issue on the site and updating plugins (plugins creating issue to website now). well my website is just a portfolio website and only consists single page so i didnt get why it was flagged. well i will mark this ticket is resolved as you can close it. thank you for everything to you and your staff members


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