Infinity Free Contact Forum Not Working!

I downloaded the contact form from HERE, and it has worked perfectly until I upgraded the site to HTTPS. Now, whenever I go to the directory with the form, I get redirected to a 403 error. (Side note: For some reason the error page presented is https// and not http s:// (Note the https// V.S. https://)). I don’t know why this is happening, and it happens on both my PC (Multiple browsers, have cleared cache & cookies) and on my iPad.

@Admin, or anyone else, if you can help me, its appreciated!

Note: The webpage is not hosted on my account but on a friends. I’m helping this friend manage her website as she knows nothing about this stuff.

Website: REMOVED
Username: epiz_27924637

The same thing happens when I go the products page (REMMOVED), It is supposed to meta redirect to ( REMOVED), but I get a 403 error instead. Also, Why do I get the infinity free error page here, but everywhere else on my site gives me my custom error page?

This is confusing! All help is appreciated at this point! Thanks!

Your product page loaded fine.

You need to correct your mixed content issue



Hi, and thanks for the quick response.
Does this mean that the website is trying to redirect me to the error page but cannot? Also, my error pages are in https:// in both the .htaccess file and in the control panel, so I don’t know why it is showing that, unless it means something else. Also, It’s not /Produts/Home page that’s not working, its /Products. Also, the contact page (/Contact) and any of the individual products (/Products/Bear) as well as (/images) are not working. The only thing these pages have in common is they they

  1. Have a meta refresh tag (/Products) (/images)
  2. Have a contact form of some sort (/Contact & All of the product pages) (This is the Infinity Free contact form, I linked the GitHub page in the first post)
  3. They only started having issues after I added the SSL certificate.
    I don’t know if this will help.
    Thanks again

Ok, the issue about the 403 error was some sort of restriction on me, why???

However, the error pages don’t seam to save? Why is this happening? I type in the error page, but my 404 is still Suspected phishing site | Cloudflare and not my custom page. Help!

I dun see that. 404 are mainly due to invalid links. Pls ensure paths are correct.

Most likely caused by mixed content issues. Fix it first

Hi, thanks again for the response.
I am a little confused by what you mean by “mixed content errors” when I open the inspector panel on my site, I don’t see any errors related to mixed content. Can you please let me know what errors you see?

I got most of the 404 and 403 errors correct, the issue had to do with my .htaccess file.

Thanks again for your help!

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This is what I see…


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What KangJL is saying is that you have to fix all the links in your code that start with “http” and change them to “https”.


Thanks! I was so confused.

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