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My account got suspended because I use protonmail as my contact email address. IF says it is because it is a disposable address, or known to be used for abuse. I am puzzled, IF is literally pointing to Protonmail for my custom domain, yet it won’t let me use my own (not the same as the domain) protonmail address. They want me to change it to a provider like ‘Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook’. Is there any way to appeal this? Protonmail is an established and trustworthy email provider. In fact, they don’t offer disposable email addresses. Thank you.

Welcome back!

If it was a permanent suspension, can you create a support ticket asking for re-activation?



I opened a ticket and they reactivated it, but they said as a condition to keep using the service they want me to use yahoo, gmail or outlook. Is there a any way to appeal this? It seems to me unbelievable they wouldn’t accept a established provider like protonmail

Not really. Support has the last say on these things.

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I agree, I think Protonmail is a respectable provider too.

This seems to be caused by iFastNet’s disposable list, not our own, so I’ll check with iFastNet why they did this.


Well I just changed it to Tutanota. Hopefully they accept it. Not a biga fan of TUTA but better than Gmail and the likes.

Interesting. They consider Tutanota as acceptable. Just got their confirmation. In any case, hopefully at some point we can get Protonmail. Thank you for raising it with them :slight_smile: is no longer disposable for ifastnet. They said it was removed from their list 15 hours ago!

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Oh really? Where did you see it? Did you contact them directly and if so does it apply to here as well? I’d like to message infinity them and ask them if they’ll allow me.

Thanks! :pray:

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I asked them, lol:

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Wait I’m confused. What did they revoke? The blacklisting of protonmail?

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Correct, ProtonMail is no longer blacklisted.


Not quite. is now only banned for new accounts.

It was blocked due to abuse by iFastNet.


So I should be fine if when I created my account months ago I originally used protonmail, right?


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