Index files don't work

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Error 403

I want to make it possible to access folders’ index files this way: …/library — instead of …/library/index.html. But I get Error 403. I even tried to include Indexes through Option in .htaccess I made in .htdocs. Have refreshed many times and the page source was correct.

Please help me, I’m losing my mind over this.

I’m using this software: Google Chrome

This is actually supposed to be the default behavior of most webservers (including ours). But I see you have some .htaccess rules which rewrite URLs, which I believe may be the cause of your troubles. Can you try to remove those and then try again?


Thank you the quick answer.

I’m sorry but that didn’t work. Please ask me anything you might find useful.

One time when I tried to access those folders I got to Directory Listing, which was a lot better than the error. However, it was only that one time, after refreshing the page I was back to the error

Could you please try to check it again in private browsing mode? It’s possible that your browser’s cache is messing with you.

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