Index does not load

O index não carrega direto ele aparece as pastas do ftp como corrigir


The index does not load directly it appears the ftp folders how to correct


Please translate your posts to English before posting.

Additionally, we can’t help you if you don’t fill out the template. What is your URL?


it was my fault you can delete the post

Do you mean your fault that you wrote in a language other than English, or rather you fixed a problem caused by a mistake?

If the former is true, don’t worry. We can still help you and there is no need to start anew.

If the latter is true, you can just tell us that your problem is fixed and wait for the topic to close. We don’t delete topics once the problem is fixed. We just let the automatic timer do its thing.


It was actually a textual error. Where after rereading I found what I was doing wrong which is to put the index without being in the root folder and leave it with a capital letter. Just my mistakes. Thank you very much for your willingness.

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No problem! We’re glad you figured it out :smile:

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