Increase upload file limit

Username (e.g. epiz_28336915) or Website URL

(why cann’t upload 10mb above?i need 512mb upload please help me.)

Error Message

( fix the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini)

I guess free members are limited and thats makes sense

yeah,but i cann’t increase my upload limit?

Im not sure but upgrading to a premium account may increase your upload limit (just a quess)

You cannot do that. If you want more, upgrade to premium hosting


Limits cannot be increased upon request; that would be unfair for everyone else. The limit is there to stop people overloading the free servers.


What do you have that is this big anyway? If it is multimedia, upload it to a site that allows that (YouTube, imager, etc.) and embed it on your site.

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Just realised what you were actually talking about, the PHP max upload size is 128MB, which also cannot be increased upon request.

But, the server file limit size still applies, so as I said in my previous post, this cannot be increased.


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