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May you help me increase my upload size in WordPress? I want to use all-in-one wp migration but the limit is 10mb… May you increase it to 85 gb?
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No, you can upgrade to premium hosting.
Alternatively, you can upload the extracted plugin via ftp.
85GB would exceed the inode limit as well

Does not work well on free hosting

Conclusion: Host youe website elsewhere


85 GB!?! That’s HUGE for a website! What on earth are you uploading?

The only sites I’ve seen that are so big are those that use it for a ridiculous amount of file storage. Which we don’t allow in the first place.


Haha… I think it is because of the theme in WordPress that make the file size so big

I would decently host that elsewhere. If that is a theme, you will reach some sort of limit in less than an hour.

Even then, a theme of 85 GB? A theme being 85 MB is already quite big, and you say your site is 1000 times that size?

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