Incorrect Subscription Fee

Hello Admin,
At infinity website, the super premium package cost $3.99USD/month

But at, the super premium costs $4.99USD/Monthly

Is there a mistake somewhere or I misunderstood they are the same package?


This is not a mistake, but they are not entirely the same package.

iFastNet has two different offers for their premium hosting, one with a “free” domain and one without it. I say “free” because the plans with a “free” domain cost $1 per month more for an otherwise identical service. So you’re paying $12 a year extra for a “free” domain.

If you go to the premium hosting page on iFastNet’s website and untick the “with free domain” box at the top right, you’ll see the same pricing as we advertise.


Thanks. I understand the difference now.
I am planning to subscribe to ifastnet premium package but my website is currently at infinityfree server. So, what will happen to my infinityfree account if I subscribe to ifastnet? Can I keep the infinityfree account?
According to ifastnet, they can provide free setup. Does that mean they will migrate my website (i.e. domain, files, database, etc.)?
Also, in premium package, do you enable the putenv()?

iFastNet can migrate your existing InfinityFree account to an iFastNet premium account for you, for free. Just ask them to do it after your account has been created and they’ll move your site. After that, your free hosting account will remain untouched, and you can continue to host other websites on here.

As for putenv(), I don’t know if it’s there. You’d have to ask iFastNet about that.

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