Impossible to backup or export my site

My website URL is:

impossible to backup or export my site and when i try to download any file from the database it says an unknown error has occurred

I just tried to export both databases from that account through phpMyAdmin with the “Quick” export in SQL mode, and both worked perfectly for me. Are you using our phpMyAdmin too? And which format and options did you choose?


no i tried with file manager and with a plugin. i do not know to use phpMyAdmin

I would recommend against either using plugins or file managers to backup your website. Web based file managers typically struggle to handle many files at once, and plugins tend to break more often than not in my experience.

And if your plugin says an “unknown error had occurred”, then only the plugin developer could tell you what this “unknown error” might be.

These are our official backup instructions, which work with all sites of any size:


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