Images show as broken

Good Morning,

My site URL that is having an issue is:

The problem is that when you click the “Birds” or “Landscape” blocks a modal should pop up and either display an image for the former, or display an image with a slider on the latter. The images are all under 1mb in size and they are on the server with the correct permissions. However, all I see is the broken image icon. The images display in the same set up locally and other images on the page work (click the Longwood Gardens block to see).

I developed the page in Notepad++ and published to the web server with Filezilla (as recommended by InfinityFree).

I thought the problem might be related to either file size or location so I attempted to reference the file from the image folder root with a copy of the bird image there but no joy. I also thought that maybe it was a time issue and have waited a few days before reaching out. The landscape images were uploaded last week.

Thank you for your time looking into this.

Rename the bird1.JPG to bird1.jpg

Same applies to and


Thanks, can’t believe I missed that! :slight_smile:

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