Images not showing on my site

Images not showing on my site.
I checked my code and tried to find if the problem is related to my images folder and the image tag.
My original path in my about page is this (“images/profile.jpg”) but when it doesn’t fix my problem

I tried changing the image path to be an absolute path within my website
(using “/htdocs/images/profile.jpg”)
and also this (“/images/profile.jpg”)

But none works for me That’s why I’m here to ask for some help, Any response will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. :smiley:

Hello there,

What images are not showing?
Is it just your “profile.jpg” image not showing? Or all your images?


I just edited your image path from your code to images/profile.jpg and it seems like your picture is working just fine.

Could you change your image path in your code as well?


all the images

of I see… I forgot the closing tag for image.
I’ll try it

still the same, it’s still not showing on my website. only on my localhost.

Your images are absolutely working fine on my end:

Try clearing your browser cache or try using another browser.


oh, yeah it’s true, my browser is the problem. thank you very much! :smiley:

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