Images not load

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

( epiz_26510255 (Website for

Error Message

(404 on try load images)

Other Information

(when one of my javascript tries to load some images in the folder / img / tileset / I get 404 error in the images:

  • 123D.png
  • 123E.png
  • 123G.png
    and the images exist, they are in the correct directory and have access permission set correctly, however, as soon as you try to access them the site is directed to a 404 page of the hosting.)


Firstly, Where are these images located on your site? (Eg:
Secondly, try clearing your browser cache and see if that works.

yes, the images are located on my website.
just follow the path

It’s working fine on my side.

I can also see the images.

try access this files

  • 123D.png
  • 123E.png
  • 123G.png
    on access this files website return 404

None of them files give me a 404, I can see them, Try clearing your cache with Control+f5

I’ve already cleared the site’s cache and the error persists, watch the video showing exactly what I do. error_img_404.mp4

I can see the image clearly:

The only thing you can do is to clear CloudFlare cache if you use it, and then clear browser cache as @HaydenANG said.

i’m not using cloudflare,and i’m clean browser cache

Try on other browser? Or use VPN/proxy?

Like @adisp007, I can see the images perfectly fine. Like we have both said, try clearing your cache.

in another browser the access is normal, without errors.
It is possibly a problem with my default browser, I will redo the installation of it.
Thank you all so much for your help.
one last doubt, how do I close the topic now that it has been resolved?

It will automatically close 15 days after the last reply, just in case you have any extra questions or you run in to the same problem a few days later.

You can’t close the topic, but you can mark one of the posts as the Solution, which makes it clear to everyone that this question was solved (and what the solution was).


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