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I am creating a website that consists of a main page (main.php),
that contains code:

<!-- zawartosc -->
<p>Witamy na stronie TLA Consulting.
Prosimy o poświęcenie czasu i poznanie nas.</p>
<p>Specjalizujemy się w zaspokajaniu potrzeb biznesowych
i mamy nadzieję na współpracę.</p>

The page loads header and footer, but does not display images. I checked the code on the local xampp server - the images load.
I am attaching the header.php code that should load images.

  <title>TLA CONSULTING</title>
  <style type="text/css">
    body {background-color: white}
    h1 {color:white; font-size:24pt; text-align:center;
    .menu {color:white; font-size:12pt; text-align:center;
           font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-weight:bold}
    td {background:black}
    p {color:black; font-size:12pt; text-align:justify;
    p.foot { color:white; font-size:9pt; text-align:center;
             font-family:arial,sans-serif; font-weight:bold}
    a:link,a:visited,a:active {color:white}

<!-- naglowek -->
<table width="100%" cellpading="12" cellspacing="0" border="0">
<tr bgcolor="black">
  <td align="left"><img src="logo.gif" alt="logo TLA" height="70" width="70" /></td>
    <h1>TLA Consulting</h1>
  <td align="right"><img src="logo.gif" alt="logo TLA" height="70" width="70" /></td>

<!-- menu -->
<table width="100%" bgcolor="white" cellpading="4" cellspacing="4">
  <td width="25%">
    <img src="m-logo.gif" alt="" height="20" width="20" /> <span class="menu">Strona Główna</span></td>
  <td width="25%">
    <img src="m-logo.gif" alt="" height="20" width="20" /> <span class="menu">Kontakt</span></td>
  <td width="25%">
    <img src="m-logo.gif" alt="" height="20" width="20" /> <span class="menu">Usługi</span></td>
  <td width="25%">
    <img src="m-logo.gif" alt="" height="20" width="20" /> <span class="menu">Mapa Serwisu</span></td>

Please help me solve the problem

Can you screenshot the contents of your htdocs folder?


This is what I see

Seems ok. What is not working for you?
What did you see?


Now I see it’s working. When header, main and footer parts were in one php file - it was OK - all images loaded correctly. After splitting the file into 3 files (using require), the images stopped loading. Everything was OK on the local xampp server. I am sending a screenshot of what it looked like. Thank you for your help and best regards
Maciej W.

Can you clear the browser cache?


Yes, I cleared the browser cache. Now the website works properly - it displays images. Maybe the problem was the browser cache.

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