Images Not Displaying - Must Have JavaScript Enabled?


I recently added a portfolio subdomain to my website, at However, none of the images are displaying on the website.

I used Chrome developer tools to inspect the network request, and all of the images come back with the same response - This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

Just to be clear, I am accessing this site from a browser with javascript enabled.

Any help is appreciated!!

Working fine on my end

I’ve checked the image URLs, and they all seem to point to the domain, whereas your website is reached on

On free hosting, we have this security system, which prevents hotlinking (embedding files hosted on free hosting into other websites). The security system works on the domain level, so you can’t embed images from one of your subdomains onto another subdomain, even if they have the same base domain and are on the same hosting account.

To fix this, you can move the images you’re embedding from to, and link to them on the same domain name.

@Admin  thanks for the help  :slight_smile: