Images not displayed on mobile

Hi, my domain ( website has images not displayed on mobile (iPhone and iPad), but they are displayed well on my MacBook. I tried different browsers (Firefox, Chrome), the results are the same.
Could you help? Thanks.

Which images do you mean exactly? Could you share some screenshots to show the comparison?

Try using cdn service like cloudflare or google drive

How would that solve his issue?

if you use cdn then loading images on your site will be much faster because the server load will be much lighter

Cloudflare may help in some cases, but Google Drive won’t. Google Drive is a file hosting solution. File hosting solutions are built to store files cheaply. They are not designed to distribute files quickly to many users. Using Google Drive will be MUCH slower than serving them directly from your website.


Here are the screenshots from laptop and mobile respectively:

The texts are displaying well, but images not on mobile.

It doesn’t look like the speed issue. On mobile or tablet, the image is not loaded at all, while the texts keep updating.

I tried very small PNG image (1xx KB), it still doesn’t work. Please help.

You are using a high-tec/modern HTML Tag <canvas>.
Of course it won’t be supported by most browsers (especially old version).

In my browser error log I see that half of the images being referred to (all the wave images) are returning 404 not found errors. If your image slider picks an image at random, then it will not show an image half of the time.

The page picks an image based on a data stream from a MQTT server, and all images are in the folder at the same level as index.html.
The crux is that the page displays all images and functions as expected on desktop computer browser. The problem exists in mobile or tablet browser.
Interestingly, I moved the page folder to another web hosting site, and it seems to display well in both desktop and mobile browsers. Thanks.

That’s very odd. I can’t think of anything that would cause our hosting to work differently for mobile and desktop browsers.

Could you try clearing the browser cache on the mobile devices, or check the site in private browsing mode?

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