Images in JPG format are not visible in CSS & HTML slide show coding


The images are in Jpg format not visible while hosting. I have used CSS coding for slide show. I have checked the case sensitivity and increased the refresh time also. Could anyone help me on this? thanks

I’ve checked your website and all images seem to be working fine from here.

Thanks for your reply… Yes its working in the other laptop. Probably i need to check my browser.
However, in the other laptop also, only the html files extracts the images. but the PHP files are not extracting the images as required. Please refer

I’ve compared both the home page and the login page and I see why the images don’t load.

On the home page, you refer to this URL:

On the login page, this is the image URL you’re using:

Note the capital letter in the file name? On our hosting servers (like almost all hosting servers in the world), file names are case sensitive. On Windows for example, this is not the case, so you need to make sure you’re consistent in your use of capital letters.

HI ,

Thanks for your information. Yes, i have changed the coding and its working fine.
Great help. :slight_smile: please close the thread.