Images don't show up

I just uploaded my webiste and I am having some problems to making them show. When I enter my website, I can’t see some images. Then I tried refreshing the website and it works. But everytime I enter the website I have to refresh it to make the images show. I tried cleaning the cache, and review the images url, however it still don’t working. What can I do so all the images show up when I enter the wbsite with no need of refreshing it.

Hi and welcome to the forum! What is your website URL so I can help you better?



(the ending images don’t work)

it could be that there are too many requests at the same time, try adding the lazy loading attribute to the img tags and see if it makes a difference. see example below

<img src="image.jpg" loading="lazy" />

there was also an error loading your javascript file too but this might be caused by the server being overloaded by image requests and may be fixed by the lazy loading

Loading failed for the <script> with source “'s%20Outlet.js”.

it would probably be a good idea to generate smaller sized images for your main page thumbnails instead of using the scaled full size images as this will also take some load off the server and improve loading time for the people browsing


You could try using serverless hosting for your images (or in other words, use a base64 encoder to make sure it’s the client who loads its images). You can also prevent hotlinking, but its not really relevant here.

That’s not serverless hosting, as the BASE64 code is still stored on a server. In fact, the whole “serverless” thing is a lie since there is no such thing as serverless/the cloud, just other peoples computers.

InfinityFree already does that be default with standalone image files.


the web pages would quickly exceed the free hosting size limitations if the images were base64 encoded


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