Images are missing when i Export template in Elementor

So if I understand it correctly, the site export doesn’t actually contain the full site, just part of the data, and it will download other data (like images) from the old site when running the import?

And if I understand it correctly, you are trying to migrate from one website hosted with us to another site hosted with us?

Because if so, then I don’t think the problem is that the new website is unable to download files, I think the problem is that the old site doesn’t let you download them.

Specifically, I think this security system is in the way:

Again, I’m not that familiar with Elementor, but I would hope that there is an import/export function that actually contains the entire website. After all, people should be able to develop their site locally and then upload it to their live site.

Also, depending on your exact use case, you may be able to forego the import/export functionality to migrate the data from one site to another, and just migrate the entire WordPress installation instead. Migrating your entire site (not WordPress specific, this basically goes for any site) can be done like this: