Image 403

It seems to be that when I uploaded an image to my website, barely any different to one I had uploaded just before, keeps returning a 403 Error everywhere I upload it. I have never seen this before on any site. Any knowledge towards this would be greatly appreciated.

Image file name? screenshot of the error? can you share these with us?


Just to clarify: is the upload action returning a 403 error? Or is the image you’re trying to view after you’ve uploaded it returning a 403 error?

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The image im trying to view, located here:

Sorry I forgot to add a picture/link in my first post.

Maybe because of “chat” keyword. It’s forbidden keyword.

Just rename it to something else. And note we do not allow Chat scripts, if you’re trying to upload it there’ll be a high risk to have your account suspended due to the ToS violation.


So calling something ‘chat’ gets blocked?

And just a side note, is creating a private chatting site (of like chatting rooms) allowed?

It’s annoying, but it’s the truth. Once, my account got suspended because I created a test file called aa.html :expressionless:


Because it is overloading our servers and it’ll case in ruining servers. Thats why we disallow scripts like chat scripts. And files containing chat string are blocked.


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