iFastNet Premium Hosting or buying a domain?

Hello there,

Sorry for the vague title, but I have multiple questions related to premium hosting (iFastNet), that I feel like would be annoying to put into multiple questions. So I made 1 collective topic.

Please consider 2 scenarios described below.

Scenario 1: I were to register a .eu domain on iFastNet (because it’s the cheapest top domain), then continue to host it there.


  1. Would a for-lifetime FREE SSL certificate come with it as well, just like with InfinityFree? Certs are really expensive… As expensive as the domain itself.
  2. Would the 10 MB file size limitation that free users have, be gone? It’s way too small for my use case.
  3. What would my resource usage limit be? If my domain goes offline because exceeding resource limits, I would be pissed off after paying a hefty amount, which this service is.

Scenario 2: I purchase iFastNet Super Premium Yearly package.


  1. For how long would the Free SSL Certificates last? And also, which SSL provider is it? Because again, I ain’t paying for SSL alone.
  2. Do I get a .eu domain of my choice with this plan? What would be my other options here? So say could I also choose say .com? Because for Generic Domains, it just says : “Extensions depend on billing cycle.” That is not descriptive at all.
  3. Would the 10 MB file size limitation disappear? That is still waaaay below my need.
  4. What are the limitations of Addon domains? Because it would be great to have different, compartmentalized websites.
  5. Can payment fees increase in the future? Or am I signing a fixed price for this service until I am “subscribed” (don’t know a better word for it) to this service, which is currently $47.88? It’s not actually listed anywhere, so that’s why I’m asking.

I’m looking forward to your answers. And again, sorry if posted in wrong category, and that it’s a bulk question topic, but I really seen this as the best option to ask these.

These are better questions for iFastNet support. Ask them at support.iFastNet.com.

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I just figured that since InfinityFree Upgrade to Premium Hosting links me to iFastNet, it would be better to ask it here… But I’ll have a try there :slight_smile:

And how would this InfinityFree account work with that iFastNet’s? Because the login details of this account I’m currently writing this from, doesn’t work for iFastNet.

You will have to create a new account with iFastNet. Once you upgrade your account, you have to ask them to transfer your account.


Hello. As @wackyblackie has stated, asking support. ifastnet.com is the better way to go. As we use different systems, they will be able to answer your questions faster and with more certainty in the answers.

I myself cannot answer any of your questions, but I think there is a free SSL option.

When you upgrade, a completely separate account is created for you at ifastnet.com. You can open a support ticket to move your files and database from one to the other if you would like.

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SSL certificates are typically provided by the hosting provider, not the domain name provider. And any hosting provider in 2021 that’s not either an idiot or trying to fleece their customers provides free SSL with their hosting.

Nobody should pay for an SSL certificate anymore. Let’s Encrypt made them all obsolete.

All limits on our hosting are the same for every account. It doesn’t matter which domain name you use.

iFastNet’s hosting includes Let’s Encrypt integration. Let’s Encrypt certificates are free, and with iFastNet they are completely automatic. So you get free SSL certificates for all your domain name for the lifetime of your hosting account.

The full list of extension per plan and per billing term are shown here: Shopping Cart - IFastnet

Yes, there is no file size limit on iFastNet.

Addon domains more or less the same as here. The domains get different directories for their files, but share the resource pool of the hosting account. If you want sites to be fully isolated, you’ll need to get separate hosting accounts for them.

A great thing about iFastNet is that prices are as advertised. So if the price is $47.88 per year, it’s $47.88 per year. You’re not required to pay for many years in advance, or have to pay many times that rate for the renewal. You pay $47.88 this year and then again $47.88 next year.

But of course, no company can guarantee prices will never change.


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