iFastNet 404 error

I think I’ve done everything right, but iFastNet thinks my website missing some files so it just redirects me to the 404 page… This is so annoying

Also, why does iFastNet prefers non InfinityFree sites as a free hosting service? Are they trying to cancel InfinityFree or something?

I don’t understand if you need help with something but, if you do, please provide a domain name.


Have you tried clearing your cache? Also, please follow the template and provide a domain name!

iFastNet owns InfinityFree, so they can’t you to go them them and pay them instead of staying here.

I’m sorry, but can you give a bit of context? Or maybe a website URL? I don’t understand why you’re coming here talking about what iFastNet said about a site.

If you need help with an InfinityFree site, please don’t ask iFastNet about it. If you need help with an iFastNet site, please continue the conversation with them and not talk here?

iFastNet provides hosting to many other free hosting brands. They also operate their own brand ByetHost.

I don’t know of them preferring some brands over other brands. Although they may suggest their own brands before recommending us, and recommend us before recommending smaller brands.

If they wanted to end InfinityFree, this would all be over already. But I don’t think that would help anyone.

No, they don’t. iFastNet is our supplier and partner, but InfinityFree isn’t owned by them.

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