If there's installation of scripts & templates provided & what is fee

**August 16, 2016

To: InfinityFree -Admin

From: Rosaland

If there’s installation of scripts & templates provided to account holders if prefer someone to install scripts and templates & what is fee.

Because I have no website in order to install via FTP but need someone to do installations of the scripts or website templates.**(wasntme)


If I understand, you are looking for someone else to install script/template for you? Fee that they will ask you depends on the person. You could find somebody who’s willing to do it for free, but some other people may ask to be paid for it.

You said that you have no website. What you meant with that? InfinityFree hosting provides you with free website hosting.


Well, you can easily install one of over three hundreds scripts using the Softaculous auto installer, and most of them are free. And if that’s not enough, there is also a basic website builder in your control panel you can use. So there are plenty of ways you can create a new site for free.